Bring Climate Science Into Your Classroom

The tiny farm is an interactive indoor farm that empowers teachers to introduce complex subjects such as sustainability, biology and technology in an active manner. tinyfarms are available for purchase through a pilot programme with your school.

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A Comprehensive Indoor Laboratory

tiny farms enable children to take an experiment-driven approach to their learning. They can control water levels, oxygenation or nutrition, and can measure parameters like CO2, lighting, temperature, moisture and growth. Active learning in classrooms is a proven tool for greater student knowledge retention and satisfaction, through our tiny farms we aim to apply this to previously untapped subjects.


The tiny farms include:

Full-spectrum LEDs

9 plant pods

Air & water pumps

5+ sensors

A plant camera

A Digital Learning Universe

Built to provide a flexible experience for students and teachers alike, our digital learning universe enables students to learn at their own pace and through a fun and interactive user interface. The application allows for the tracking of data points, control of the tinyfarms, and reading of course material. It comes pre-packaged with existing courses, but also enables you as a teacher to modify them or create your own.


Discovery Is A Button Click Away

Through our GUI drag-and-drop methodology, students are able to create simple or complex instructions allowing them to both control the tinyfarms hardware but also learn about programming fundamentals. Rules can be as simple as turning pumps on or off, or as complex as restricting lights to only be blue between 13:00 and 15:00 every day. Their imagination is their limit.

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